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Nissan LEAF Electric Car Savings Calculator

Not only is driving electric an INCREDIBLE experience, it’s good for the environment (zero tailpipe emissions) and saves me money!! Check out the cost savings using this handy dandy calculator from @NissanElectric: Discover the benefits of driving electric. Explore available

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How You Can Help Solve Climate Change

Learn about the climate crisis and its solutions from former US Vice President Al Gore and renowned climate scientists at the next Climate Reality Leadership Corps training taking place June 27-29 in Bellevue, Washington. Apply now! https://www.climaterealityproject.org/training

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X-57 Maxwell Electric Propulsion Airplane

Really cool electric propulsion airplane research going on at NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center: NASA is researching ideas that could lead to the development of electric propulsion-powered aircraft, which would be quieter, more efficient and environmentally friendly than today’s commuter

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