Musings of a climate leader – C.L. 12/11/13

…on launching a White House petition, the embarrassment of creating a flawed, Pollyanna campaign, and why I’m not giving up until it flies (or gets deleted for too few signatures)


1. Background.

I created a petition on the White House’s ‘We the People’ web page dubbed “How Low Can We Go?”

The petition asks that the administration create a national campaign that challenges each of us to lower our personal emissions.  The goal is to collectively lower US CO2 emissions for 2014.  The choice of activity is up to each individual & whatever fits their lifestyle (e.g. lower thermostat in winter, install solar, stop bathing…)

Bottom line is that the whole thing is a simple request asking that the President make a statement challenging us to a competition to see how much we can reduce our emissions. Period. No big deal. Easy for people to agree with. Sign me up! Or so I thought…

…by the way, I am persistent! It’s not too late to sign so here’s the link:


2. Thresholds.

The first threshold I have to meet is to obtain 150 signatures for the petition to be searchable on the web site. The sooner I reach this threshold the better because the second threshold is to get 100,000 names by January 7, 2014!!

I immediately began using my social media networks & reached at least 1,000+ individuals asking for their support of this petition.  “All ya gotta do is register your name and email, then click the button to sign the petition. Piece of cake!”


3. Wednesday, 12/11/13, Day 2.

My petition is frozen at 25 names.

Sadly, one of these is mine, one is my son, and one is another relative.


4. Family Busted!!

I know I have more than 2 family members so what’s up with that!?!?!!!


5. I’m Not Calling You a Liar but….

I got word from at least 9 people who said they signed it, but it’s strange that I don’t see their initials listed…very suspicious!!


6. “The Man” Already Has Your Email Address!! Don’t You Read “The Post”??

I had a few replies saying they were uncomfortable giving their information (name and email address) to the ‘Guvmint.  These are the same people who display pictures of themselves or their spouse giving birth, and every other moment of their lives on social media. Not buying this excuse!


7.  Easier than Signing Up for Healthcare!!

I had quite a few people say they had trouble with the web site. Again, not calling anyone a liar but the whole thing is WAY easier than the other web site the White House launched!!! Kind of suspicious but not calling anyone a liar…just sayin.   😛


8. Yes, I accept some of the blame!

I know it’s the busy holiday season and I know some of the problem was in the launch.  But I am bringing in a team of technical experts to fix the

[oops! wrong launch!!]


9. It’s simple. Really.

The only thing you are signing your name to is the idea that the Obama administration should be encouraging us to reduce our individual emissions. That’s it! Nothing political, no protests, no arrests.

I truly believe that we can make a difference in our future if we act collectively to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Government and industry are taking way to long to act on climate change so it really is up to us to fix the mess we’re in. And we could use some encouragement that our actions might actually make a difference.

Even if my petition dies, I intend to keep the sentiment alive with my own “How Low Can We Go Campaign” – so don’t change that dial! The web page will remain alive:


10. Please sign!




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